Discography Filmworks Featured Artist Composer Producer
  • Bellvista, "Painter", En Route, 1982  composed all songs
  • Chris Brown, "Go West", Timbuktunes, 2002  featuring “Scarf of Elvis”
  • Chris Brown, "Hanhin", Timbuktunes, 2002  featuring “Scarf of Elvis”
  • Peter Calo, "Night Of The Gypsies", Aircraft Library CD, 2004
  • Peter Calo, "Wired To The Moon", En Route, 1998  composed all songs
  • Peter Calo, "Cape Ann", Four Winds, 1995  composed all songs
  • Peter Calo, "The Heartbeat of America, Aircraft Library CD, 1988
  • Peter Calo Band, "Spoonerism", En Route, 1983
  • Compilation, "The Best Of Four Winds", Four Winds, 1999
  • Christopher Brown, "Characterist", Timbuktunes 2011 Coverart of Christopher Brown's 2011 release, Characterist featuring “The Do Over”
  • Tim Fonseca, "Every Part Of You ", Luna Records, 1999  featuring “Please”
  • Heavy Meatal Horns, "Dakini", Square Records, 1996  featuring “After The Funeral”
  • Heavy Meatal Horns, "Heavy Metal Horns", Square Records, 1991  featuring “Snake”
  • Macbeth in Manhattan, Winner Long Island Film Festival featuring “Full Moon Tango”
  • Myanna, "Myanna Bridge", City Records, arranger, 1991  featuring “Caspian Sunset”
  • Five O'Clock Shadow, "Misfit Toys", 1999  featuring “It's Christmas” by Peter and Marianne Calo
  • Lauren Kinhan , "Hardly Blinking", 2000  featuring “Trouble Runs In The Family”, Forbidden Population
  • Painted Hero , "Dir. Terry Benedict", Echo Bridge Home Entertainment , 1996
  • Preusser/Wilkins , "In Our Time", Magnetic Music , 1999  featuring “Haley's Comet”
  • The Conscientious Objector , "Dir. Terry Benedict", Winner Houston Film Festival, 2004
  • Rock and soul Horns , "Don’t Take Away The Night", 2001  featuring “Please, Please, Please”
  • Artie Tobia , "Chase The Sun", Red Tail Hawk Records, 2006  featuring “No Hitchhike”
  • Jeanie Vision, "Endurance", 2000  featuring “Seasons Of Light”
  • Lennie Watts, "I Want You Want", Midas Music, 2000  featuring “I Can Love Again”
  • Ruth Vander Zee, "Mississippi Morning", Eermans Publishing, 2007 - audio book produced by Spoken Arts

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