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# 9 Top Album on the Top 50 Alternative Album Chart
“Don’t Ever Go Away” Charts # 6 Song on the Top 50 Alternative Folk Song Chart
“Don’t Ever Go Away” Charts # 22 Song on the Top 50 Folk Song Chart
“Don’t Ever Go Away” Charts # 31 Song on the Top 50 New York Song Chart

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Wednesday, January 20
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Interview with Peter Calo

on NY1
produced by WFUV's Eric Holland

An Article on me was just published by Hook Magazine Thursday, January 14
"Get inspired by the passion of Peter Calo, who talks shop about his life in music..."

Read it at
Pages 22-24

Cover Image of Hook online

An Article on me was just published by Hook Magazine Thursday, January 14
"Get inspired by the passion of Peter Calo, who talks shop about his life in music..."

Read it at
Pages 22-24

Cover Image of Hook online

Do I Love You Too Much?
Peter Calo on guitar with Chris Marshak on drums, Tany Holt on vocals, and Malcolm Gold on bass.
Recorded at "The Towne Crier" in Beacon NY on November 7, 2014.

Annual MAC award 2015

MAC Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the world of New York cabaret.

"I have been nominated for a 2015 MAC Award for Outstanding Ensemble Instrumentalist."

I've been asked to perform "Ain't No Sunshine", the brilliant Bill Withers song with the amazing Natalie Douglas.

Christopher Brown was a dear friend.
I met him in 1980 when he produced the first album, yes album I ever recorded called "The Painter.". It was a band I had called Bellvista, and we were out of the Boston area. It was an amazing experience and I will always have a place in my heart for Chris. He was a gentle guiding soul. RIP Chris

MAC award 2014
(Suzanne Sheridan photo)

Jimmy Webb at The Cutting Room (New York, NY)
Live Show Review | July 2nd, 2013 by Elmore Staff

Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb’s appearance at the reopened Cutting Room marked the club’s rebirth in its stunning new location, christened by one of its more illustrious performers.

The Songwriter’s Hall of Famer played his own lush piano fills with low-key accompaniment by Peter Calo on guitar and harmony, and delivered as many of his hits as he could fit into 90 minutes, leaving just enough time for the story behind each song.

Leading off with “Galveston,” and his views on our military (grateful) and war (negative), Webb talked about writing for Glenn Campbell, and choked up while recounting Campbell’s grace and courage on the “Farewell” tour Campbell launched after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. On a lighter note, Webb recalled how he came to see the bright side of Simon and Garfunkel’s breakup: Garfunkel would need a songwriter. Enter “(I Love You and That’s) All I Know.”

Gently poking fun at Leonard Cohen and sending kudos to other fellow songwriters, Webb kept the evening sunny between his many famous tunes of heartbreak and longing. The finale, “MacArthur Park,” was preceded by Webb’s story (complete with mock sobbing) of being called “a sad little man” because he once failed to play the massive hit in concert in Australia. No such mistakes at the Cutting Room—in fact, no mistakes at all.

- Suzanne Cadgene

June 21 and 22 "The Undocumented" will be Screened as part of the the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

The Undocumented

I wanted to bring to your attention the screening of "The Undocumented" by acclaimed director Marco Williams with a score by Richard Martinez. This is a film/documentary that I played guitar on. This is a pretty amazing film that Marco made.

This screening is part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in association with Cinema Tropical, El Museo Del Barrio and The New York Immigration Coalition.

Co-presented by Film Society of Lincoln Center and the IFC.

Performances are at the IFC Center this coming Friday the 21st at 7pm and at the Francesca Beale Theater on Saturday the 22nd at 9pm.

For information and tickets go to:     

IFC Logo

A Special Reading for “The Mask of the Jaguar King”
Featuring Kathryn Erbe and Ricardo Chavira
Written by Stuart Warmflash
Directed by Bram Lewis
Music by Peter Calo
Peter Calo on Guitar
With Joseph Firecrow flutes and percussion
at The Signature Theatre (one of Off-Broadway's most prestigious locales)

Monday, May 20, 2013, Harbor Theatre presented an invite-only reading of The Mask of The Jaguar King, a project written by Stuart Warmflash and directed by Bram Lewis, with lighting by Dennis Parichy and original music by Peter Calo. For more details regarding this project please visit

Kathryn Erbe     Ricardo Chavira

Read more about Kathryn Erbe, Ricardo Chavira Lead Harbor Theatre's THE MASK OF THE JAGUAR KING special Reading by

Harbor Theatre to present an invite-only reading of The Mask of The Jaguar King, a project written by Stuart Warmflash and directed by Bram Lewis, with lighting by Dennis Parichy and original music by Peter Calo. For more details regarding this project please visit

Starring "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Katherine Erbe and "Desperate Housewives'" Ricardo Chavira, The Mask of The Jaguar King is a religious mystery pitting the politics of imperialism against the desires of the heart. In 1933, a battle of the sexes breaks out when an American archaeologist finds herself stranded at the site of a Mayan Temple with a dangerous Hispanic revolutionary intent on stealing priceless ancient artifacts. As they slowly unmask each other's dark personal secrets it remains unclear, who is the real outlaw? To whom does history belong? And does the value of preserving the past justify the injustices of the present?

Commuters - Original Score by Randy Lee
by randyleemusic

A short film directed by renown cinematographer Tom Richmond (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Killing Zoe, etc.) Original score by composer / singer songwriter Randy Lee. Featuring Peter Calo on guitars, Nick Saya on drums and Rob Moose on violins and viola. A short glimpse in to peoples lives as they deal with the daily commute in LA traffic. This project was commissioned by AMP - the Association of Music Producers as part of their Muse2Music project 2012.

"Commuters" Composer Randy Lee has been chosen as a finalist for "Best Original Composition in Film" at the International Music+Sound Awards in Cannes.

I am honored to be part of this project. I played both Acoustic and electric guitars. Congrats to Randy!!!

Music Review
Celebrating a Southern California Light Before Its Sunset

Lauren Fox at the Metropolitan Room
by Stephen Holden
Photo by Adam Jason Scherer

Photo of Lauren Fox at the Metropolitan Room by Adam Jason Scherer

Upcoming concert:
download poster

Poster Lauren Fox

Wednesday, October 17th
23rd New York Cabaret Convention

Rose Theater - Jazz At Lincoln Center

New York City
For Info Call: 212-721-6500

CD of the Week
Kati Mac's new Cd "Save Me From Myself"

Kati Mac released a new CD - "Save Me From Myself" in January 2012. I had the pleasure of playing both electric and acoustic guitars on the recording. Kati is a wonderful vocalist and songwriter.

Kati Mac, album artwort from her latest release, Save Me From Myself". width=

"Save Me From Myself" is available at and

Kati Will be joining us on Mar 4th at the Bean Runner in Peekskil at the Fundraiser for Rob Morsberger.

Sunday, March 4th - 7pm
Living with Cancer - Benefit Concert for Rob Morsberger & his family

Bean Runner Cafe
201 South Division Street
Peekskill, NY

Carly Simon  Peter Calo, guitar and backup vocals

WSJ Cafe: Carly Simon Performs 'Let the River Run'.
Carly Simon sings "Let the River Run" from her new album, "Never Been Gone," at the WSJ Cafe with WSJ's Christopher John Farley.

Peter Calo on Joe Viglione's "Visual Radio" program  

Video of Peter Calo on Joe Viglione's "Visual Radio" program
"Don't be made with Joe, He's reading an article about me, as I'm playing
a short version of "Cape Ann" from the release of the same name.
Available at, itunes or"

Characterist by Christopher Brown
Announcing CD Release - Christopher Brown "Characterist"
August 8, 2011
produced by Peter Calo

Music Review: Christopher Brown – Characterist
by Joe Viglione, November - 8 - 2011
The twelve songs on Characterist present Christopher Brown in a simple setting, his Harry Chapin-esque story songs sometimes happy, sometimes plaintive, yet always textured in pretty sounds. “Do the do over, starting now” is a simple and snappy ode to reinvention, reworking one’s perspectives in sometimes startling ways. “Not so polite” is the direction here, to ruffle feathers, talk louder and get into fights. Provocative talk for a cute ditty, indeed.

Producers Peter Calo and John Walsh played live onstage with Brown back in July of 2008, a video of “Dominoes” (not on this CD) on the website, both musicians performing with him on and off in 2011. Calo’s work with April Martin, Pamela Ruby Russell and many others is a guiding hand that brings the best out of the songwriter/singers while making sure to not get in the way. That’s a tall order when the tendency is to sometimes bring in some Phil Spector arrogance of a musical director putting his own stamp on the artist’s work. That two producers can work in harmony to get a strong performance on “Got To Give The Devil His Due” is an indication of how well these pros work together – efficiently with the mission in mind.

“Guinevere of Camelot” has an intentional old-world feel and a telling vocal, neo-Celtic and begging for a duet with Loreena Mckennitt. “Cyrano and Juliet” continues the nod to music from years gone by, and a deep and authoritative voice to punctuate the message. Brown says that he’s not even sure if “Characterist” is a word, that he first used it to describe Albert “Al” Hirschfield which Wikipedia calls a “caricaturist” who “was known for his simple black and white portraits of celebrities.” From the “UFO Song” to “One Ice Cube” Christopher Brown is in control…be it as a musical caricaturist (one who specializes in drawing ) or as his new term, Characterist. Perhaps it’s time for him to write a song about that… a title track from this disc to come to life on his next.

Video of Peter Calo of Takin a Sip from Wired To The Moon  

Video of "Takin’ a Sip" from "Wired To The Moon"
Playin a Tippin "Bravado" made by Bill Tippin
from "Wired To The Moon" En Route Records
Tater Music BMI


Here I Am by Cassandra and the Gravel Road Band
Announcing CD Release - Cassandra and the Gravel Road Band "Here I Am"
October 2010 Saladay Records

"Here I Am" Cassandra and the Gravel Road Band produced by John Hegner release date October 2010.
I had great fun playing acoustic, electric, slide guitars and mandolin on this CD. Cassandra has a powerful voice and writes fantastic tunes that are fun to play on. She is based in the Chicago area.
The CD was produced and mixed by my good friend, John Hegner and mastered at Absolute Audio.
Check out her website

Lucky Me by David Lockwood
Announcing CD Release - David Lockwood "Lucky Me "
October 2010 Saladay Records

This is a great CD. Dave is a excellent songwriter with interesting lyrics coming from a personal place. Song is his deep baritone range. I loved working on this project. We recorded the basics at Cedarhouse Sound in North Sutton, NH with a very cool rhythm section consisiting of Paul Ossola/bass and Chris Marshakdrums with Dave playing the acoustic piano. Then Jeff Pevar, Randy Roos and Jerry Leake added their magic.

Pennies in a Jar by April Martin
Announcing CD Release - April Martin "Pennies in a Jar"
produced, engineered and mixed by Peter Calo
2010 Shrimp Toast Music

Carly Simon  Peter Calo, guitar and backup vocals
WSJ Cafe: Carly Simon Performs 'Let the River Run'.
Carly Simon sings "Let the River Run" from her new album, "Never Been Gone," at the WSJ Cafe with WSJ's Christopher John Farley.

Poster of Vanities, a New Musical
Vanities opens JULY 2 ‚ AUGUST 9
2nd Stage Theatre, 307 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036, 212 246-4422
Based on the original play Vanities by JACK HEIFNER
Musical Staging by DAN KNECHTGES
Directed by JUDITH IVEY

Vanities, a new Musical, spans the turbulent ’60s through the early '90s and explores how important friends are as one faces life’s defining moments: growing up, getting older and getting over it. Vanities is a funny and poignant look at three women who discover that, even in 30 years of rapidly changing times, the one thing they can rely on is each other.

Peter will be in the pit for a 5-6 week run of Vanities at the 2nd Stage Theatre.
Peter's good friend Lynne Shankel and did the arrangements was nice enough to ask Peter to do the run.

CD cover of Jimfirecrow's 2009 release, Face The Music featuring Peter Calo on guitar
CD RELEASE - Face the Music Joseph Firecrow produced by Peter Fish released March 31 2009.
Joseph Firecrow is a Cheyenne flute man. The songs on this CD were written by Joseph Firecrow and Peter Fish. It was great working with both of these masters. Lots of fun!! Definitely a wonderful listening experience. I played guitar on on ìFace the Musicî and Lizard Bluesî. Iíve been doing concerts with Firecrow over that last few years. Heís a very special musician. The CD is available at and itunes. Peter Fish is also a very special musician, composer and producer.

CD Cover, Songs from the El Rey Motel by Johnny Ray
Wednesday July 29th - 8pm
Record Release Party at Scullers with Johnny Ray
Peter produced "Songs from the El Ray Motel," and played all the instruments on it.
Johnny Ray's CD will be released in March, 2009.

Peter recorded at Looking Glass Studio for the Stuttering Foundation. Carly Simon and Peter recorded a song
written and performed by a young girl of 16, who uses singing as a way of over coming her troubles with communication.
Everett Bradley, the Grammy nominated singer songwriter, was the organizer of the session, and John Forte of Fugees fame, recently free from prison, stopped by to lend  his vocal talent. " Out Time Theatre Company", is the name of the organization.

Peter has also been co producing another CD release with Carly Simon, a reworking of her old and famous songs, together with Ben and David Saw.This largely acoustic album will hopefully be available in early summer on Iris records.

Peter continues to keep busy in this winter of both a tough economy and relentless snow. He has been working closely with an old friend, who happens to be an amazing singer and song writer. Peter as been recording, arranging, producing, and mixing the entire Johny Ray album, in his home studio here in New York. Johnny has been coming down from Boston to do long involved night and day sessions, and then disappearing back up North while Peter turns the tracks into a  first class album for Johnny Ray. Due out next month. Johnny Ray has been offered a room in Las Vegas, where he is developing his own show with both original and covers of songs. One of the cover songs that Johnny Ray does so well, is "whitchita Linesman" by Jimmy Webb. Which is a full circle for Peter Calo as he wrote two songs with Jimmy and Carly Simon for Carly's 'This Kind of Love Album". As well as performing this song and others with Jimmy Webb at his regular monthly gig at the Cutting Room in NYC.

I'm so proud to be part of such a great project. I was the Musical director on the CD and co wrote 4 songs with Carly and Jimmy Webb including the first single "Hold out your Heart".

cover of Carly Simon's 2008 realeased CD, "This Kind Of Love"

CARLY SIMON released a new album entitled This Kind Of Love on the Starbuck's label (Hear Music) on April 29, 2008. This will be her first album of all original music. It went as high as #13 on "The Billboard 200."

Inspired by and subtly infused with the rhythms of Brazilian music, This Kind of Love explores a wide swath of emotion-romance, reflection, melancholy, anger and humor. It's at once one of Simon's most personal albums as well as one of her most stylistically diverse outings.

The CD is co-produced by Simon, Frank Filipetti and Jimmy Webb who also wrote or co-wrote most of the arrangements. Filipetti worked his talent as the engineer as well as producer. The three first teamed up for Film Noir, Simon's album of standards that Webb produced in 1997.

Grammy Award-winner Carly Simon is one of the most respected vocalists and songwriters in music today. This Kind of Love ranks among her most personal albums, as well as one of her most stylistically diverse excursions, with songs ranging from gorgeous melodies to driving rhythms.

On This Kind of Love, Simon delivers 10 of her own songs (some of which she co-wrote), including the gently swaying title love song, the funky castigation of conniving celebrity-identity thieves ("People Say A Lot"), the catchy "How Could You Ever Forget" (one of Simon's personal favorites), the r&b-vibed "So Many People," the lyrical gem, "Sangre Dolce," and a waltz-time homage to her close friend, the humor columnist Art Buchwald, who passed in January 2007 ("Too Soon to Say Goodbye"). "Hold Out Your Heart" was co-written by Carly Simon and Peter.

Carly Simon’s Gamble Pays Off
A rare performance by Carly Simon on Saturday night sent this reporter to Atlantic City, New Jersey and the Borgata Hotel and Casino.

Of the latter: it’s the high end of the A.C. experience, where the blackjack tables have $25 minimums and there is a surfeit of people playing $5 slot machines even in a recession.

The Hotel’s main theater seats around 2,500, and every chair was filled for Simon. The legendary singer songwriter brought an eight piece band and a cute mixed breed poodle named Molly to the stage.

It was maybe the longest, and most comprehensive Carly Simon show seen in some time anywhere. Simon showed off new arrangements of old songs like “You’re So Vain,” “Anticipation,” and “You Belong to Me” with numbers from her latest album, “This Kind of Love,” which had the misfortune of being released by Starbucks’ HearMusic a few days before the label went out of business.

If Starbucks’ Howard Shultz and Concord Records’ Norman Lear were feeling chivalrous, they’d give Carly back her album to re-release elsewhere. The songs, as performed, are as good if not better than anything by a “contemporary” artist.

The wildly enthusiastic audience agreed. They gave Carly many standing ovations, shouted out names of songs they wanted to hear, and cheered after her many funny reminisces. Instead of playing the entire version of “That’s the Way I Always Heard It Should Be,” she instead incorporated it into an amusing story about playing the song live for the first time back in 1971 when she opened for Cat Stevens at the Troubador in West Hollywood. While she played the piano, she was forced to knock a loose mike back into position at the end of each line she sang — “like return on a typewriter,” she laughed.

Those in the audience who knew what typewriters were really enjoyed this. Luckily, it was most of them.
Simon’s voice remains as husky and sexy as ever, with all notes intact. At 63, she still looks hot, kids, and prances across the stage like a 20 year old. A consummate musician, she also managed to conduct the entire show without any augmentation, ornamentation, tape loops, pre recorded tracks, or other paraphernalia. This was quite unlike a show I saw last Sunday at Madison Square Garden by a 50 year old current pop star.
As a fitting ending for political times, Simon — who has remained conspicuously absent from this year’s election entertainment — did lead the band through a rousing rendition of Neil Young’s classic, “Ohio.” It could not have been more relevant. Viva Carly Simon!

PETER co produced and performed on Jan Horvath's recent release, "Never Too Late"
Listen to some songs from the album.

"Never too late"
a CD from singer songwriter, Jan Horvath,
produced by Peter Calo has just been released.

The CD includes original songs by Jan and one song, "Questions", written by Jan and Peter.

The CD features the rhythm section of Francisco Centeno and Peter Donovan on Bass, Clint De Ganon on Drums, Phil Hall on Piano, Rob Morsberger on Accordion, Joe Mowatt on Percussion.

Jan was a member of the original Broadway company of The Phantom of the Opera. The Threepenny Opera (starring Sting), Sweet Charity starring Debbie Allen, Stardust and Oliver! Ms. Horvath sang the leading role of Grizabella in the National Touring Company of Cats. Her Off-Broadway credits include Yoko Ono's New York Rock (Original cast recording on Capitol Records), Jacques Brel. She sang on the sound track for the animated film Anastasia.

Horvath has been a soloist with Bravo Broadway and is featured on the recently released CDs BRAVO Broadway! and BRAVO Broadway II. She has worked with such legendary talents as Marvin Hamlisch and Doc Severinsen and has appeared with more than 100 top orchestras.


If you missed it live on September 26, 2007, here is your opportunity to watch Poetry Man.

  cover of Mississippi Morning by Ruth Vander Zee

cover of Mississippi Morning by Ruth Vander Zee

Peter wrote the music for a wonderful children's book written by Ruth Vander Zee, illustrated by Floyd Cooper and narrated by Kirby Ward. It has been released by Spoken Arts Audio Books.

Truly an enriching experience to write the music for this childrens book.“ Peter Calo

Piece by piece James William's comfortable life begins to unravel. First he learns that the burning of a black man's house was not accidental. Then his fishing buddy LeRoy tells him about the hanging tree and the Klan. James simply can't believe that racial hatred exists in his own community until he comes face to face with a Klan member.
A thought procoking story of one boy's loss of naivete in the face of harsh historical realities.

Blowin' in the wind
Willie Nelson with Peter Calo on guitars and mandolin
produced by Rob Morsberger

I had the pleasure of playing on a track that Willie donated to the folks at Please take a few moments to check this site out and enjoy the song.

More than 470 mountains have been destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining. Watch this video about mountaintop removal, including excerpts from the documentary Kilowatt Ours, featuring Woody Harrelson and a soundtrack featuring an original recording of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” sung by Willie Nelson.


"Hairspray: The Movie"
In Theaters December 21, 2007

Peter is currently up in Toronto, recording tracks for the up coming Film version of "Hairspray." The rhythmn section is smoking, with David Spinozza and Peter Calo on guitar, Clint De Ganon on drums, Frankie Centento on bass, Keith Cotton on piano. Lon Hoyt and Keith Cotton are on hand running things with composer Marc Shaiman.

Adam Shankman, (Bringing Down the House, The Pacifier), will direct the film, which will star John Travolta as Edna Turnblad, Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybelle, Christopher Walken as Wilbur Turnblad, Michelle Pfeiffer as Velma von Tussel, Amanda Bynes as Penny Pingleton, Zac Efron as Link Larkin, Brittany Snow as Amber von Tussel, Elijah Kelly as Seaweed and newcomer Nicole Blonsky, a seventeen year old New York native, chosen to play the lead role of Tracy Turnblad.

"Hairspray" was originally a 1988 John Waters comedy movie about star-struck teenagers on a local Baltimore dance show, starring the drag queen icon Divine, who gained her fame in the 1971 John Waters smut film "Pink Flamingos." The new version of the film "Hairspray" will be based on the hit Broadway adaptation of the film which debuted in 2002, and went on to win eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book and Best Director.

Marc Shaiman (Sleepless in Seattle) and Scott Wittman will contribute new songs to their existing Tony Award winning score. Shaiman will also serve as the film’s music supervisor and will compose the music score for the film as well as produce its songs. Wittman and Shaiman will also serve as executive producers on the film. The new screenplay for "Hairspray" is written by Leslie Dixon (Freaky Friday, Outrageous Fortune).

Carly Simon

Carly Simon

Peter has been recording an upcoming CD with Carly Simon at Parr Studio's on Martha's Vineyard. Carly Simon will release "Into White," a collection of pop standards and traditional lullabies, Oct. 24 via Columbia.
Taking its name from a Cat Stevens song, "Into White" features Simon covering classic tunes such as Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow," the Everly Brothers' "All I Have To Do Is Dream," the Beatles' "Blackbird" and traditional Gaelic lullabies "Hush Little Baby" and "My Bonnie."
"Into White" also includes two new songs penned by Simon, "Love of My Life" and "Quiet Evening." Simon is joined by children Sally and Ben Taylor for a familial rendition of ex-husband James Taylor's "You Can Close Your Eyes," from 1971's "Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon."
"Into White" is the follow up to Simon's previous collection of standards, 2005's "Moonlight Serenade," which peaked at No. 7 on The Billboard 200.
Jill Menze, N.Y, ,

Posterart of The Concientious Onjector

Peter has been involved in co-writing the soundtrack for an interesting and albet, topical independent documentary, by Director and Producer Terry L. Benedict.

“The Conscientious Objector”, played to a packed audience at The Cinequest Film Festival, in San Jose , CA. Peter Calo has been on board throughout the labor of love, that it has taken to see this project through to completion and the recognition that this film deserves. His music casts a haunting and panoramic picture as the powerful story unfolds about Desmond T. Ross, a man who desperately wanted to serve his county in WW11, even though his strong religious and moral beliefs would not allow him to kill another human being. The film went on to win Best Feature DXD , and Audience Choice Award Documentary.“


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