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Cowboy Song best of Crop

Peter Calo
Cowboy Song (Tune Stew/North Star Music)

The ruminations on frontier living in Peter Calo's Cowboy Song neatly create the sense of movement of the era he writes about. The disk is the first on the Tune Stew label, the subsidiary of North Star for artists with a contemporary sound.

Calo plays folk and Americana music with the emotional attachment needed when one ruminates on an era gone by.

The Streets of Laredo carries Marcus Rojas's potently mournful tuba playing and a touch of idealism in the violin playing of Antoine Silverman.

A Cowboy's Lament, oddly upbeat despite its title, is the one song to clash with the disk's reflective thoughtfulness. It is too reliant on modern electric rock and an exception to the disk's contemplative acoustic style.

Even so, Calo's contemporary arrangements of prairie songs are the best of the new North Star crop. The bibliography in the liner notes is an inspiring touch. Calo is bound to send excited armchair musicologists to the library to read up on the roots of Americana music.

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